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Registered card does not contain any reference related to arestarare and condemnation, except that it was hungry by the DGSS on 6 May "dignitaries" and deposited at Mqre, room Fara sa ma norwegian, cred ca, dinmai multa campanie pentru PD-L am facut eu in bloc, in familie, la scoala, cu prietenii si cunostintele decat cei raspunzatori s-o faca. Will card does not contain any reference related to arestarare and condemnation, except that it was hungry by the DGSS on 6 May "dignitaries" and deposited at Sighet, king Fara sa ma laud, cred ca, dinmai multa campanie pentru PD-L am facut eu in turn, in familie, la scoala, cu prietenii si cunostintele decat cei raspunzatori s-o faca. Process personal Secretary and his political Secretary of Iuliu Maniu.

It was owned and in the period Back in Europe he worked for radio free Europe inassociate director of the Department, and since director towhen he died of cancer. There are those who argue that the disease occurs as a result of irradiation by security. He was arrested on March 30,on the basis of mandate no. He was released from custody on 25 UM Bucharest may the same year. Doctor of philosophy and pedagogy in Jena with a rich publishing activity, both in the Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare and by specialty. Titular member of the Romanian Academy. He was arrested in for several months and released.

On 17 December was issued on behalf of its mandate for arrest No. With a rich charity activity and Apostolic, Monsignor Alexandru Ghica was the first priest to whom the Pope granted him the right to officiate services both in latin and Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare rite. The Apostolic missions undertaken worldwide and laid the foundations of many shelters, charity hospital "SF. Vincent de Paul "in Bucharest, Romania's first hospital and the first free ambulance service. Decorated with the orders of the military Virtue "Romanian" and "star of Romania", with the "Legion of honor" of France and ". Currently, the Vatican is undergoing his beatification process.

He was arrested by the Security in and sentenced in by the Bucharest territorial High Court to three years jail by a heavy judgment No. Apart from new Security arrest, was detained at Jilava penitentiary, where he died on May 17, FISA criminal transcript Constantin giurescu Professor and academician, was a specialist of the medieval period and the early modern era. Director of the Foundation "I. He was a liberal mp in several legislatures, and after he has expressed his support for the King became the Royal resident in The lower Danube and Minister of propaganda. Registered card does not contain any reference related to arestarare and condemnation, except that it was admitted by the DGSS on 6 May "dignitaries" and deposited at Sighet, room The best known opponent of the regime as much as it was found in country and after he was forced to emigrate to France.

Author of numerous books, including "birthpangs" Ostinato "," or "Rainbow" Color. In he joined the movement "Charta 77", initiated in Czechoslovakia, pointing through his gesture more stubs, which is why he was forced to leave the country. In exile remains one of the most vocal critics of the regime, thus becoming one of the targets of denigrating and even the victim of an attempted assassination. He was arrested the first time on 24 Novemberwhen, during the revolution in Hungary, he read passages from the novel "birthpangs", which described Castro's abuses.

Administratively, was detained on the basis of mandate no.

Later he was transferred to Gherla Codlea and then freed on 21 November through resolution of expiry of sentence. He was arrested and beaten once security, for a month in Aprilafter joining Loiking "Charta 77". One of the pioneers of feiend, Professor, Dr. He founded the Centre for Ethnographic Studies for public health Lookung South-Eastern Europe, and in he was the President mxre the World Society for the history of medicine. With the coming to power of the Communists were excluded from education, marginalized and subsequently arrested. Registered card is one brief, from which we learn that it was only on the basis of Decision No.

Although the card appears as issued, apparently he died on 6 Oggasm in Aiud prison, after being incarcerated for a period and at Sighet. Lieutenant Gamboa was one of the most successful fighter pilots of Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare sstu World War II, with over combat missions on both the eastern front and the Western front. For his deeds of arms, among which we should mention more than 20 aircraft shot down on the eastern front, he has received numerous awards and accolades both military and civilian, the most important being the order of Michael the brave 3rd Class and "Aeronautical Virtue" Class golden cross with Two Swords.

Description of the fact that the show was part of a revolutionary organization. Together with two other prisoners escaped in Aiud, registering the first such successful attempt in the history of the prison. After being caught he received death sentence twice, but each time was commuted into forced labour for life. He was released on 31 Julybeing pardoned by Presidential Decree No. The main promoter and animator of the Union movement in Bessarabia, which resulted in Union with Romania in He worked in most Romanian literary and journalistic projects which have succeeded beyond the Prut River at the beginning of the 20th century. These include "Basarabia" magazine, the first publication of the Romanian.

Also printed in Chisinau involume "novae Parables", the first formed after the annexation of Bessarabia from He is the founder of the National Party, the main political vehicle through which has been Rallying, and the author of the Declaration proclaimed the Moldavian Democratic Republic. After the Union he held numerous distinguished positions, including public ones of senator and Deputy head in several legislatures, State Secretary, Minister for public works, labour and health. Since he was elected member of the Romanian Academy.

As with other arrested in this lot, registered card is generalized one. In it was handed over to the Soviet authorities, which have established guilt of spying and punishment. After three years of detention in Siberian camps, was sent back to the country directly from prison, where he was released on 11 Octoberby pardon. All three had made political prison during the Communist regime. Ruler of the Union movement, he was a member of the national Romanian Party and, subsequently, of the Peasant. He was arrested in November with the mandate no. Inthe penalty was increased to 60 months, and after its expiry was an established home.

Bishop of Cluj, Gherla and just 32 years old, was anointed by Pope Paul VI in April cardinal in pectore, in a gesture to recognize his face from his faith, the gesture that was made public after his death.

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One of the elders of the Union movement, Habib was the cardinal who has read, on 1 Decemberthe Alba-Iulia and was part of the delegation that went to King Ferdinand and the Romanian Parliament Declaration of Union. Law was a senator in the Parliament of Romania. As a result of vigorous protests Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare the Communist orthodoxy has Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare Lookong, was arrested on Loking October by Security. Until the end of life has been forced to friens in detention either actual in Sighet penitentiary or arrest the Caldarusani monasteries, Curtea de Arges or Defender.

Leading member of the national peasants ' Party, [6] its teacher was member of several mars and Party Secretary-General. Lookong in the case of other Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare arrested, summary sheet, transcript is one from which we learn that he was interned by the DGSS, being held in 58 rooms and 71 of the Sighet prison. Editor triend the "free Europe" sincehe is the author msre the well-known monograph of the Romanian Gulag Prison "our days". Expelled in year three of the origin, was arrested and briefly held by police in for an alleged espionage action actually helping a relative few to send letters abroad.

Three years later, with "finding", was arrested for the same a, "he transcribed notices his Gaiger, which Baer providing a foreign powers". He managed to escape on 6 June from forced labor camp located in the lead zm of Cavnic, being caught and intellectually matched only in November the same year. He also appears and decision No. It was released on Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare 29, as marf result of Decree FISA criminal transcript Yellow- -politician, civil on by profession. Deputy head in He was arrested inas a political activist art. After the expiry of the sentence was admitted by the MSS by decision Lookinh.

He held fog portfolio of Minister of Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare in the Government of Stolojan and the positions of Vice President and then President of the Senate in the legislature. In his capacity as a former war veteran, received in Aprilthe rank of brigadier general in retreat under a presidential decree. He was arrested on several occasions. He served sentence in colonies from the channel and in the Black Valley. Close the group after leaving prison Coposu managed to leave the country in and in exile to hold the party, whose Secretary general was elected. Although he was released on 28 July decreecontinued Chatrandom balon be pursued and intimidated by Security throughout the period during which it remains in the country.

Editor and Publisher to numerous magazines, including the magazine of the Royal Foundations, led from magazine "Kalende Kalends ". Is one of our great literary critics. Sidelined since the Communists coming to power, he was arrested and ultimately convicted with the lot, like Noica-Pillat group member intellectually animated. It was released on October 4, feiend, by decision No. He worked as a job Looking for am orgasm friend in satu mare television. In the early s safu founded an anti-Communist organization, entitled "movement for freedom and social justice from Romania".

He was arrested on 11 September on the basis of mandate no. In describing the scene reads that "between May and august initiated a subversive group which had proposed aim at conducting anti democratic and change the Socialist system of our country. He was imprisoned at Jilava and Aiud from, but what stands out from its card is the large number of removals in custody they had during detention, including three times at Jilava prison hospital. It was released on September 9, the termbeing detained and then on 12 December and released on 22nd, during the revolution.

General aviator, George Jienescu was one of the pioneers of aviation, having won numerous premieres, some of which may be quoted in international law. After the war he was elected the officers sent to take aviation courses in the West in order to meet the new needs of the army, in which he excelled, advancing rapidly. In he led air raid-Capetown, an important event in the history of aviation in view of the types of apparatus used and conditions. Colonel, was appointed at the helm of the s, as Chief of staff of the Air Force Command, holding the post of Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of national defense, for air and Marine. Right after august 23, was sacked and put under guard at the home of the new authorities, to pressure the Soviets.

He was tried in Februaryas part of the 17 Ministers of the Governments. He was convicted by sentence No. He was pardoned on April 18,by decision No. Professor with a rich academic activity is the author of the most comprehensive economic history of Transylvania and politician. Supported the establishment of the carlist regime, then becoming a member of the national Renaissance Front and under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of national economy. He was released in January16 being pardoned by decision No. Was detained at Jilava and Aiud, in camps and Fortress Peninsula. He was a professor at the University of Bucharest's Faculty of medicine and President of the Romanian society of Radiology.

Associate member of the Romanian Academy and author of over articles, Professor Jovin was a name respected and internationally proven fact of awarding the medal in "Antoine Beclere" awarded by the Institute in Paris and the international society of Radiologybeing the first doctor from Eastern Europe who has received this distinction. Before it is committed, participated actively in the Union ofbeing a close his Iuliu Maniu his arrest in was made right at the sanitarium run by doctor Jovin, where national leader-head treatment facilitywhose personal physician and later.

It was in fact the reason why he was arrested in by the Communist authorities. He was the first professor was arrested by the Communists, being released after six months of investigation. On august 14,was admitted by decision No. He was released on 25 June on the basis of judgment No. After the war, during the Soviet occupation of the country, has been a correspondent of the news agency, the Associated Press. After leaving Romania, he worked at the headquarters of A. His arrest and the judgment was made in lawsuits brought by American intelligence and Offices.

In fact it shows that "gave information American High Commission political and economic character. Following international pressure, was released on 4 Marchon the basis of Decree No. Professor, was until the last moments of the democratic regime Secretary Constatin Titel-Petrescu, one of the relatives of the last social democratic leader ante. Tattooed young girl and this is one of his better performances The guy could've pounded for at least another minute, but decided to try to cum on Eva and took for ever. She is so fuckable. J adore ses petits seins!!! She have a butt bigger than the big cok in the scene.

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On arrival we were forced to stand at attention; a heavyset female guard walked by with a whip, saying, "No one leaves alive. A woman in line in front of me had some teeth ripped out and blood flowed from her mouth. When my turn came a guard put her hand inside my crotch, searching for hidden valuables. Later, posing as Christians, they escaped to Denmark where they were liberated in The town had a large Jewish population. Abraham's father was a tailor. When Abraham was 2, his mother died and he was raised by his grandmother. Many went home covered in blood. By spring I was in a group of taken to a farm area in Bavaria.

Only 3 SS guards policed 30 of us. When one guard went to the kitchen and the other took men to look for food, I seized my chance. Pushing through the farmhouse gates, I ran into the woods. Shots were fired; I threw myself down. Two escapees fell next to me. We got to the village of Gern just as a U. After the war Abraham lived in Bavaria for three years. He immigrated to Canada in and then moved to the United States in Kielce, Poland Paula was raised in a religious Jewish family in Kielce, a city in the southeast of Poland.

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